USC Summer Programs USC Summer Programs


Credit:     3.0 units of USC credit
Pre-Requisites:  None
Recommended: International students who are non-native English speakers should have a TOEFL score of 100 or better

Creative WritingOverview:

New to creative writing, or haven’t tried it yet? Experience the intensive yet inspiring environment of a writers’ workshop. Learn four different literary forms and analyze the literary techniques of accomplished authors in these forms. Through your own study and input from fellow workshop participants, you will learn to “read as a writer” and “write for a reader.” Above all else, this course will encourage you to experiment in order to define and refine your own voice.


  • Produce a portfolio of your own work, including a polished personal essay suitable for college applications
  • Experience the environment of a writing workshop, including peer review
“The instructor felt so comfortable and enthusiastic about writing that it was easy to transcend his skills to his students. He gave me a better understanding of writing that encouraged me to write and help find a passion for writing.”

Topics of Study:

  • Personal Essay
  • Memoir
  • Flash Fiction
  • Short Story
  • Literary techniques of accomplished authors

Students at class discussionStudents at class discussion


Watch the video below to meet the faculty and learn more about the "Writer's Life" experience students will have.